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Match 3 Kings is a competitive match 3 game where there is only one level. The goal of the game is to get as high of a score as possible within the given 90 seconds, your score is then be posted to a global leaderboard that is reset every week. After every game your score is converted into coins which can be spent on items like extra lives or on additional time after the 90 seconds is up.

Match 4 gives 150 extra points to score and match 5 adds 10 seconds to the clock and an additional 100 bonus points. Unlike traditional match 3 games where you can only swap baubles to make a match, in 3 Kings you can swap any bauble whether it makes a match or not. This allows the players to make their own matches and set up their own combos for more score, but the player does have to spend valuable time to do this.

Match 3 Kings Leaderboard is 100% custom that sits on a web server database that way it doesn't rely on any third party system and can be changed and expanded to the requirement of the game. The options menu also contains a series of color blind options to make it easier for players with color deficiency to play the game. This option does save and load it self when the app is opened that way it only needs to be set once.

As this is early access, expect some bugs or errors.

  • If it is taking a while to load a level just close and reopen the app.
  • If you open the app fresh after install and it doesn't bring up a login or register screen close the app, go to settings > apps > match 3 kings > clear storage and it will wipe all saved data from your device.
  • Update button doesn't open to the browser. Just manually come here to update for now until a fix is found.
Comment any other bugs as I will look into all bugs or errors and fix them as soon as possible.

Install instructions

Download apk on phone and install.

If you don't know how follow this simple guide Here


Match 3 Kings v0.9.2 37 MB

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